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Welcome to my very humble webpage. I've been writing my Kamishibai series, LoveQuest, since May of 1999, and now that the series is two years old, I thought that it was high time to set up a webpage. You know, to write about the series, show off what I've done, give my stories and other projects a home of their own, seperate from the gigantic and all-encompassing OtakuWorld website...you know, WEB PAGE STUFF! Sheesh...

Oh, you don't know what Kamishibai is? Well then, why don't you head on over to Otakuworld's Kamishibai page and download the viewer. You can subscribe to their service to get access to about two hundred Kamishibais...but you should decide that for yourself. The viewer is free, and all of MY Kamishibais can be downloaded for free from this very website.

Anyway, please take your time and explore all that my website has to offer. I hope you'll not be disappointed...if you are, don't worry, there's a links page.

Yea, yea, I know...the image is fanart from Meg-chan. Once I get this site going, I'll draw some of my own art for it, but until then, enjoy Meg-chan's far superior artwork. Here's the menu!

Last update: December 31st, 2002
Check the Updates page to see what's changed
Updates This is where I post all the update notices.
LoveQuest Since this is so far my ONLY Kamishibai, I'm not going to make a Kamishibai-only section until I have another series to work with.
My Mascots This is where all my Otaku Mascots are. All three of them.
Artwork I'm not much of an artist, but this is where all the art, whether drawn BY me or FOR me, has been placed.
eViL rEbO's Realm The eViL rEbO MSTing archive, if you dare to enter.
Links There's so little at the site right now, you're probably dying to escape.
My Pita It's a blog-type thingy, only it's called a Pita and it's hosted on their site. My random thoughts and stuff.

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